Friday, December 28, 2012

The 24 Canadian Heroes Team

These two young men might just bring the Canadian Heroes Team its first win next year, Adam McGrath and Kyle Beaudin Crewchief and Driver will be at the helm of the 24 team as they have committed themselves tonight to run the full pure stock schedule next year at Flamboro Speedway !!! Tonight they picked up an identical car which in the next 4 months will be transformed into a back up car for the team. A 3rd car will be added as well soon, as we put in place everything that they need to not just win, but also take a run for the Championship. We dont have a 1st place car, but we do have a top 10 car and maybe top 5. WE have a lot of work to do next year as we learn the car and see what its capable of. Join me in wishing the entire team the best of luck!


Canadian Heroes Memorial Vehicle #9

This is Mike at his Great Friend Cpl. Aiden Tobin's (R.I.P.) Grave in St. John's, Newfoundland. They served together with 3 PPCLI, CFB Esquimalt, Victoria, BC, Infantry School, CFB Gagetown, NB, Bosnia, and 2 PPCLI Winnipeg, Manitoba Mike was also his best man at his wedding few yrs back.


Canadian Heroes Memorial Vehicle #9

Canadian Heroes Memorial Vehicle #9 in St. John's. Laying wreaths and flowers on my friends grave. Rest in Peace Cpl. Aiden Tobin


Dale Found The Car

Dale found the car that Santa delivered to the wrong address, we hope to get it tomorrow!!! This car will be a back up car for the 24 team, and we will build it over the winter months. Its the same car and year but this one is an automatic. We will get the car to a level as good as we can and then test it in the spring. Depending on what car is better it may also become our primary car for the team. Time will tell, and once we start to dig deeper into this car we will see how things go.


Only Takes a Minute to Remember

It only takes a minute to remember those that have made the ultimate sacrifice so we can enjoy the time with family tonight in this great Country of ours. To those serving around the world thank you for your service.


Its a beautiful new memorial that was done.

Fred and Dale at the main Cenotaph.

The Woodfields

In Galt at the cenotaph today.

Canadian Heroes Memorial Vehicle #9

R.I.P. My Friend Aiden Tobin. Colleen and Mike would like to thank Michelle for a warm welcome.


Canadian Heroes Memorial Vehicle #9

Will be Enroute to St. John's today.


Brent at Boomers Grave in Comox, BC.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Canadian Heroes Memorial Vehicle #9 in Bishop's Falls

Fonthill Veterans Park

Canadian Heroes 8 Memorial car paying respects to our fallen at the park — in Fonthill, Ontario.


Niagara on the Lake

santa parade with Canadian Heroes #2 and Canadian Heroes #8 with one of the Hamilton Waterfalls Cars

Christmas Parade in Pasadena, Newfoundland.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Dec 1st Canadian Heroes 3

Dec 1st Canadian Heroes 3 and Lise Charon were at Beechwood national military cemetery for the wreaths across Canada ceremony . great photos


Amazing Weekend

amazing weekend with Canadian heroes at Santa parades around the province and all its dedicated volunteers the parades the showing of support, Lise the pictures from Beechwood were amazing, mike awesome from the rock Eva great pics from your parades and everyone else out there the year is coming to a close soon and a new year ahead of us great things to come ... keep an eye open for them. Thank you Chris for all you do

St Catharines and St Kitts Santa Parades

Hanover Santa Claus Parade


What a great night in Hanover with Canadian Heroes 8 - Brent schriner for their Santa parade.lots of floats the crowds were amazing, cheering and grooving to the CH song.young and old alike standing and cheering as we went by. even kids saluting..a must do next Year...thank you Russell and Matthew Walter for being my guests.


Stoney Creek Santa Claus Parade

Passing by the Stoney Creek Legion during the Stoney Creek Santa Claus Parade Dec 2, 2012 

Baie Verte Santa Claus Parade