Wednesday, February 23, 2011

NASCAR Recap: A Trip To Remember

Our traveling heroes returned to home soil from their NASCAR adventure yesterday, all four of them changed men. The days spent absorbing the atmosphere that is the Daytona 500 won't soon be forgotten.

The trip included such spectacles as the Richard Petty Experience, a racing simulation camp of sorts that allows participants to drive on the track at Daytona pushing high speeds for eight laps around the ring. We reported on that last week. Check the link below to see that article.

The Richard Petty Experience

The boys also got some time in the pits with both the Peterson Motorsports team, in the ARCA series, and with MacDonald Motorsports from Nationwide. Our troops got close to the action with MacDonald but experienced pit work first hand with Peterson catching tires and re-fueling gas cans for the team.

Our four guests even gained a small level of celebrity while at Daytona when there were featured on NASCAR radio right by the track. We managed to post the radio interview in an article we wrote last week right after the boys went to the airwaves.

Click here to hear the radio segment

Last but certainly not least were the races themselves. According to our boys the roar and rumble of the engines all speeding in unison towards a common goal was something to behold. If they weren't addicted to racing before they all are now.

Our thanks go out to our guests and all members of the Canadian Forces, Cpl. Michael Opatovsky, MCpl. Joseph Lavoie, Cpl. Mark Wellings, and Cpl. Andrew Latulippe . After such a resounding success at Daytona, Canadian Heroes intends to repeat the event next year. It's some time till the next Daytona 500 but we are already thinking about it.

And check our Facebook page history for day by day accounts of the trip.