Monday, March 21, 2011

In Memory of a Canadian Hero

Yesterday marked the second anniversary of the passing of four Canadian Heroes. Master Cpl. Scott Vernelli and Cpl. Tyler Crooks, both of November Company, 3rd Battalion, Royal Canadian Regiment as well as Trooper Jack Bouthillier and Trooper Corey Joseph Hayes, both of the Royal Canadian Dragoons, were all killed 2 years ago on March 20.
Chris Ecklund, of Canadian Heroes, took this opportunity to make a special announcement to the family of Scott Vernelli.
" It was truly an honour today on the 2nd anniversary of the passing of one of Canada's Heroes that we paid a visit to the Vernelli Family and informed them that they would be the recipient of a new Canadian Heroes Memorial Van adorned with pictures of Mcpl. Scott Vernelli " said Mr. Ecklund.
Executive Assistant Kim Lindsay was also present for the visit with the Vernelli family.
"Today I got to spend the day with one amazing family, the Vernelli family. Today was a very hard day as it marked the 2 year anniversary of the death of a son, brother, father, god father, uncle, cousin, partner, friend, and one amazing soldier MCpl Scott Vernelli. I, unfortunately, never got the chance to meet this wonderful man but can see how amazing of a man he is through the eyes of his proud family. Today we went through pictures, spoke of funny moments, and toasted to this Canadian Hero. Thank you Vernelli family for inviting me to honour your precious Canadian Hero. Rest In Peace MCpl Scott Vernelli. Never forgotten. " said Kim Lindsay in a message.
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