Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Delaware Speedway

t has been almost a week now since we attended Delaware Speedway on July 13, 2011. Canadian Heroes was on hand working in conjunction with Gary Elliott who has been racing for 37 years and is well known and also respected in the racing industry. We provided a hood for Gary's #36 car with our Canadian Heroes logo and it was also in dedication to Major Damon Kemp Murray.
Major Damon Kemp Murray, 35, of Kingston, Ontario, tragically passed away in a swimming accident on the 4th of July 2011.

It was a gorgeous July summer day, not a cloud in site. This was my first race experience, and what an experience it was.

As soon as I stepped onto the track I was overwhelmed and had to stand there for a moment and take it all in. Then came time when the cars would do their time trials, I'll never forget the start of that engine and watching the cars go round and not only seeing the power of what these machines can do but feeling it aswell.

It's one thing to be a spectator up in the stands but to be only a few feet from these cars is indescribable. Gary's team was great and answered any questions we had, our hats off to them for being so hospitable. Congratulations to Gary's driver for the night, Trevor Monaghan for starting 25th, and finishing in 8th. Chris Ecklund who started this whole initiative always said to me that "a race is an experience" now I knew what he meant...
Photos from the event can be found on our Facebook page.
photographer Canadian Heroes
photographer Canadian Heroes