Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Oktoberfest Parade

This years Thanksgiving Canadian Heroes had the priviledge in participating at the Octoberfest parade in Kitchener, On. With Estimated crowds of over 100,000 spectators and national media coverage, our four cars were driven with pride. It was pleasant to receive such a great response from the crowd many who gave standing ovations, and placing their hands on their heart as we passed by. Overall it was a great experience and overwhelming to say the least.

Wendy Storm, family member of fallen soldier Corporal Albert Storm, CD wrote: “Today we did the Octoberfest parade there are no other words to say other then amazing and wow, people clapping and giving standing ovations. THANK YOU CANADIANS huge THANK YOU TO CHRIS YOU ARE A TRULY AMAZING MAN. Thank you for never letting them be forgotten”

Carrie Vernelli, family member of fallen soldier Master Corporal Scott Francis Vernelli wrote: “well the Octoberfest parade is done! What a truly amazing experience! We were so honoured to be apart of it! People were standing up out of their chairs and giving us standing ovations! Got a lot of goosebumps, chills and tears! Miss you Scottie! xoxoxo”

Susie Lubberts-Macdonald proud Canadian and Canadian Heroes volunteer wrote: “The Thanksgiving/Octoberfest parade that we participated in with Canadian Heroes was truly an amazing experience.A sea of people lined the streets and when we drove past they clapped, rising from their chairs and giving us a standing ovation. I got goosebumps, tears welled up in my eyes, and a sense of pride overwhelmed me. Thank you Chris Ecklund and Canadian Heroes for allowing me to experience this.”

Thank you to the volunteers who participated with us that day, we hope to see you next year!

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