Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Very Special And Emotional Project

On the weekend when we dropped off our race car in Mississauga, we picked up at the same time another very special car, this time Trooper Marc Diab’s Jeep.
We brought it back to our race shop were it will undergo a lengthy restoration project to return it to top notch shape.

Before Marc died he made a video as to what he would like to have done to his Jeep in case he did not return from Afghanistan… I personally have not seen the video yet, but will let you know what he had asked to have done before his passing…yes, this will be a very special and emotional project…and an honour for all those that will be involved with making it happen.

Details to follow stay tuned, I will keep you up to date and will most likely make a special website in addition for it as well.

Out west a similar project is underway for fallen soldier Mike Seggie, and is almost completed. A restoration project of his 1968 Barracuda has been going on for some time and it looks fantastic!