Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A privileged experience...

The last few weeks, leading up to tomorrow have been a whirlwind to say the least. My experiences will last a lifetime. My name is Marco and I am the graphic artist/photographer for Canadian Heroes.
When I first started working for Mr. Ecklund., for the Canadian Heroes initiative I knew it would be something great, and sure enough it has been. I myself do not have family members that have - or currently are in the military so I can't really say I have that "emotional" connection to the Canadian Forces, I was wrong.
Like I said the last few weeks have been amazing. I have seen first hand at what this initiative can and will continue to do for those who have served, are serving and to family members who have lost their loved ones. It is something I can't really put into words of what I have experienced, but am proud to be a part of.
Today I was at the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum dropping off the newly wrapped Canadian Heroes vehicle, the staff was setting up for tomorrow's service and in the midst of it all - there she was the Lancaster sitting peacefully. I had to take a moment to realize exactly what I was looking at - and the significance of it all. I had to capture the moment and sure enough I did. This plane as big as it is and the overall "wow" factor was incredible to say the least.
I have never been to a such an extensive service for Remembrance Day as I am about to encounter, yet looking at how many seats there are to be filled for tomorrow, I can honestly say it will be an emotional event...I want to continue to meet and thank the veterans, those who have lost loved ones, not only for our freedom but for our country and take a moment to just say thank you...

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