Thursday, December 30, 2010

Canadian Heroes at the World Junior Championships

So far the World Junior Championship in Buffalo has been a resounding success, for both the Canadian Junior Team and for Canadian Heroes.

To date we have put approximately 120 people into seats at HSBC Arena to watch our Juniors strive for Gold. Each one of our guests earned their spot at the games with enlistment and service in our armed forces, or by letting a cherished family member go and fight for our country. Not so simple a task as every family involved knows.

We at Canadian Heroes have been proud to show our support of our brave men and women, and our Juniors, by bringing them together in Buffalo.

One such guest of Canadian Heroes is Steve Gardiner, an accomplished Reservist, who just returned from his second tour of duty in Afghanistan on Dec. 22. Just in time for Christmas.

During his first tour Gardiner was in charge of resupplying the Forward Operating Bases and subsequently saw his responsibility increase in his second tour where he moved both troops and supplies to the front lines or FOBs.

So far Steve has seen Canada vs. Russia and Canada vs. Norway on the 26th and 29th respectively. He intends on joining us on New Years as well for the game against Sweden along with his two sons and his father Sam.

“I’m overwhelmed by the kindness of (Canadian Heroes),” said Gardiner.

Steve has taken it upon himself to continue to serve in whatever way he can. He will be putting on a presentation for the students of the Burlington Christian Academy on Jan. 10th showing children the positive effects of our presence in Afghanistan such as school construction and infrastructure improvements. In addition Mr. Gardiner has pledged his volunteer services to Canadian Heroes and our sister sites, such as City of Waterfalls, in their future endeavors.

Many members of the Canadian Forces are still fighting for our country in Afghanistan and our forces as a whole will be involved in combat until 2014 when Canada will switch its role in the mission from combative to supportive.

“I’m impressed how much (Canadian Heroes) is looking after the families of the soldiers,” added Gardiner. “We are humbled by the gestures.”

We at Canadian Heroes are very much humbled by people like Steve Gardiner.

As far as Steve is concerned the commitment shouldn’t stop now.

“It’s our job to assist with the program. We’re there until 2014,” said Gardiner.

“The job is not done yet. Our troops from this area may be home but we still have troops there. Whatever we can do to support them we should do,” he finished.

The hockey has been a nice distraction for those returnees.

So far our World Junior Team has done our troops proud by going 3 – 0 after the first three games. On the 26th Canada defeated arch rival Russia on the strength of three third period goals. Through the first two frames the action was back and forth with the score tied three to three going into the final stanza. The collective nail biting of the Canadian fans in attendance was evident with the crowd’s silence. Thankfully our hockey team pushed ahead, not daring to disappoint the sell out crowd, and winning by a final score of 6 – 3.

The second game, played against the Czech team, was a much more physical affair with a player from either side being ejected from the game. Both players will miss at least one game as their match penalties dictate. The final score was 7 – 2 for Canada.

Yesterday was the biggest win this year for Canada with a landslide 10 – 1 victory. Norway fought valiantly but was unable to stop to Canadian players from making history. Brayden Schenn scored four goals in the game tying him for the record of most goals in one contest by a Canadian. Canadian defenseman Tyler Ellis also made the record books becoming the highest scoring d-man all time for the Canucks.

We can’t even begin to thank all those who have fought for our country but we’ll continue to do what we can to show how much we appreciate the good fight. Until next time.

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Canada Vs. Russia:

Canada Vs. Norway:

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