Friday, December 17, 2010

Trooper Jack Bouthillier transport tribute accident

After loosing his son, Trooper Jack Bouthillier, to the war in Afghanistan in March of 2009, Raynald Bouthillier decided to remember his son Jack in a unique way. Raynald had his son’s face painted larger than life on one of the big rigs from his transport company’s fleet. Jack’s face was part of a mural that wrapped all the way around the cab along with a list of fallen soldiers names displayed along the back.

It is with great regret that we inform you that this mobile monument to our fallen heroes, and to Jack, ended up in the ditch on the side of the highway near Moonbeam, Ontario earlier this week. The rig was totaled beyond repair but fortunately, according to early reports, the driver sustained only minor injuries, leaving the accident largely unscathed. Our hearts go out the Bouthillier family and all those affected by the crash.

We’ll keep you posted on any developments on this unfortunate story as they occur. Be safe and happy holidays.

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