Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Building Of The Canadian Heroes Race Team

It is 9 months before the drop of the green flag for the NASCAR Canadian Tire Series for 2012.
From now till that moment we have an incredible amount of work to do.
First and Foremost is arranging sponsors to back the Canadian Heroes Race Team.
I am setting timelines on what needs to be done by what time in order for us to compete.
I will share with you along the way how it all goes, it will be a long journey, the building of a NASCAR race team is a very complex undertaking, many things need to happen some all at the same time others in an order.
Some of you may find the race car itself an interesting project to follow, this in itself is beyond what 99% of people will ever experience in their lifetimes, most of us just put the key in turn the engine on and go on our merry way.
I want to do something different, I want to share with you everything that we do along the way, so you can have a 1st hand understanding of how a race car is built from the ground up.
One project that I am going to try to do over the winter is to update to the new NASCAR Spec motor from the BUILT motor that the car has now.
This and a lot of different chassis set ups for the various tracks, will give you a never before behind the scenes tour of how it all works together.
It will be a wild and wonderful ride, strap your self in tighten up your belts and lets go racing!!!!