Friday, January 14, 2011

Canadian Heroes Tours Quebec

For the past few weeks Canadian Heroes has had a sizable presence in Quebec thanks in large part to Lise Charron who volunteered for the heavy travel duty. Lise has been working her way across Quebec making pit-stops at various bases and points of interest to us and our followers. By now the Canadian Heroes vehicle she is driving in must be a regular fixture on Quebec highways.

Earlier in the week Lise had the good fortune to visit the “Van Doos”, The Royal 22nd Regiment. And the Canadian Heroes Truck goes with her. Our brave men and women of the Canadian Armed Forces have been gracious enough to pose with our truck on several occasions. Thanks to all.

Lise has gathered some amazing shots from all of her stops. Below we are posting a good cross section of her efforts thus far. We will be keeping you up to date here on our website regarding her adventures moving forward and as always keep your eye on our facebook group for constant updates and related info.

Also, as an added bonus we will be doing a wrap up story when all is said and done to give you an insight into all Lise Charron and Canadian Heroes has done in Le Belle Province.

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