Friday, January 14, 2011

Daytona 500 Experience for 4 soldiers

This will be the official posting for this event, the rules, ideas, timing, schedule, events, etc...refer to it for all information and questions that you might have. Please note that it will be updated and changed daily as info becomes available.

1. We would prefer to have 4 soldiers home on leave from Afghanistan be the recipients of this once in a lifetime experience.

2. All soldiers are responsible for their transportation to Hamilton and from Hamilton home.

3. We will provide the Canadian Heroes Car to get you to Daytona and back.

4. Accommodations at Daytona will be provided.

The 4 lucky soldiers will depart Hamilton in the Canadian Heroes Memorial Car Feb 9th and drive to Daytona.

Once at Daytona they will enjoy 10 days of a life changing experience at the most famous ( and newly paved) racetrack in the world.

Racing starts Feb 12 with the kick-off of the ARCA season.

Also on Feb 12, you will watch the historic Bud Shoot-out!!!!!

Feb 14th will bring the qualifying for the Daytona 500

Feb 17th will have the Gatorade Duels, two races that day to determine the starting grid for the 500

Feb 18th will see the Nascar Truck series race at night ( this is one of my favourite races of all time)

Feb 19th will see the Nationwide series race

Feb 20th is the Daytona 500 !!!!

So as you can see, lots and lots of racing, and what is not mentioned is all the testing that goes on in the 10 days, so its rare that there is not something going on!!!!


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