Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thanks to Our World Juniors for Entertaining Our Heroes

What can be said about the Canadian World Juniors?

They pushed as hard as they could, through adversity and injury, all the way to the gold medal game. They pushed all the way to the start of the third period of the final. As our Canadian Forces members know all too well becoming complacent can be a death sentence. That’s exactly what happened last Wednesday night at the HSBC Arena in Buffalo. The Canadians eventually went on to lose to the Russian team by a score of 5 to 3.

Let’s not dwell on the negatives. The Juniors provided our Canadian Heroes with a spectacle on ice and memories they will never forget. For two weeks we watched collectively as our young players pounded the competition by way of goals and heavy checking.

We at Canadian Heroes had the opportunity to meet many of the soldiers and front line personnel that keep us safe and fight for freedom across the globe. It was our honour.

Thank you to all members of Canada’s Armed Forces for all that you do. We look forward to working with many of you in the future.

Coming soon is a selection of pics from the gold medal game. In the near future look back here for a compilation of pictures from the start of the Tournament to the end, with pictures from all of Canada’s games as well as some of the other international competitions. Thanks again to our heroes, both young and old.

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